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Being different, and specifically being a different type of Spanish estate agent, does not necessarily mean that you are better. Here at Spanishhomes.Online we're different and we're better. It's not just about saving money, although we do guarantee that you will save some of your hard-earned cash. We also have some unique characteristics that will make your buying experience in Spain so much better. We're an Internet company with a bricks and mortar office

Most clients these days start their search for a dream property in Spain online. We'll talk about our technology later but what about the clients who want to walk into an office, meet the team and discuss their property needs in person?
Now our clients get the best of both worlds, a real presence on the ground in Pilar de la Horadada and an online network of professionals. All comes together to make our offer irresistible to the clients who give us the opportunity to impress them.

Some features of our process:

  • Meet our lawyer, accountant and legal teams. Everything is checked and rechecked- there is no room for errors.
  • Talk to us- we are listening, and we want to sell you the right house in Spain.
  • Don't waste your money paying expenses for high street offices traditional Spanish property agents.
  • Want a local presence? We share offices with our network of collaborators around Europe, use our collaborators to your advantage.
  • Buy through an agent with hundreds of millions of euro in closed deals.
  • Check out our testimonials and ask to speak to some of our thousands of happy clients.
  • Take advantage of our large network of builders, developers and private sellers.
  • Design your inspection trip around YOU!
  • Only work with legal builders, sellers and agents!
  • Do you want us to visit you at home, in your office, in the local hotel? Get in touch and we´ll set up your personalised visit.
  • Find out more about why we firmly believe you will be better off if you choose SpanishHomes.online, today!

Using the internet as our shop front.

Back in the day, all estate agents had prominent, expensive, high street offices. It made sense. How else would clients find them? The problem was somebody had to pay for those fancy offices and invariably it ended up being you the client. We once had offices in Spain, Hungary and Ireland!
These days companies like Redfin in the states and Purple Bricks in the United Kingdom are changing everything. Redfin has a stock value of 2 billion dollars. Two billion- this is no small player, but they don't have a walk in office.
Purple bricks in the last 6 years has sold 10 billion pounds worth of property in the UK alone and they are selling one home every ten minutes on their online platform. The amazing thing is that just like SpanishHomes.Online, these billion-dollar companies are cloud-based, not traditional bricks-and-mortar companies. We can be both, an online force and a simple local estate agent. This is the first thing that makes us different. As an online company we know how to combine the very bit best bits of the old fashioned high street agent with the best parts of a modern technologically driven estate agency. For example, our website never closes for lunch and never takes the weekend off. You can buy a house from us from the comfort of your sofa with a decent Wi-Fi connection 365 days per year.

Cost and savings.

Why are online estate agents so successful? The main reason is due to cost savings. We don't pay for lights, electricity, air conditioning or expensive office space. Our office space is, like our company; efficient, money saving, modest and highly effective. That money that we save we pass directly to our buyers. It's pretty simple; our costs are lower, we pass the savings directly to you and still you don't have to feel bad for us- because of our efficient system we can still earn enough money to keep the virtual lights on. You are not spending your cash on a vanity project when you're buying from this particular estate agent!! No, we have the deals, we can get the discounts and then we pass them to you.

Transparency. Nothing hidden.

Because we are so confident regarding the amount of money we can save our buyers, we love being transparent.
We know what "XYZ Spanish estate agency" across the road must charge you just to break even on your deal! They are not cheap. They've got a team of full-time estate agents to pay, half a dozen cars on the road, signage, rent and rates plus numerous other expenses to consider. They simply cannot give the same discounts we can. We encourage you to check out their website and maybe even email them for the best price. Now why would we do that unless we were 100% sure that nobody could beat our price?


We started this business very much as an online agency, with a real bricks and mortar presence too. We have the technology to market properties, arrange viewings, provide our buyers with virtual tours and more. Our CRM system will contact you automatically anytime a new house is listed on the Spanish property market that fits your criteria. You can sign contracts digitally, speak to us via video conferencing, in fact, pretty much anything you want to do while buying your dream home in Spain we can do … digitally. There is much more to come too. Do you want to sit with a staff member over coffee to discuss your needs and concerns in Spain? Come to our office or let us go to you. We're great listeners.
Do you want to view a home but you can't get here to see it? Literally you can view the property and wrap up the whole deal, discounts and cash back included, all through our advanced technology.

Building a network; not taking people away from you.

In a desperate bid to try and regain some of the business that has been lost to online Spanish estate agents, many traditional agencies are advertising 'cut out the middleman' as a way to save money. Very often that so-called Middleman is the top lawyer, the most knowledgeable salesperson, the currency company that could save you thousands, the bank manager who actually has the authority to make a decision there and then. We don't cut these people out from the deal. In fact, we add them to your deal.
Why would we not want you to work with the best people in the business?


We already mentioned the technological advantage we have over most estate agents in Spain. Another huge advantage we have is our network of offices. Yes, I know we boast about the fact that we don't have many costly and wasteful offices and that's true. What we have done is we've teamed up with a number of solicitors, financial advisors and brokers up and down the coast from Barcelona to Malaga who allow us to use their offices to meet clients, sign contracts, accept deposits Etc. Pretty much every major town in Spain has an office where a representative of SpanishHomes.Online can meet their clients.
Other resources we have are our mortgage brokers, accommodating bank managers, currency providers, accountants and one of our best resources… our network of lawyers – all who are here to assist you and double check every single step you take.

We are "making" estate agents in Spain.

So many people move to Spain with the view of getting a part-time job, not necessarily for the money, but to have something to do. Often they end up working in the local English bar for a few shifts a week. We are empowering our clients to earn money by simply telling clients the truth. All they need to do is tell potential clients how much money they can save by dealing with us, and we would give them a reward for doing so. It's the ultimate win/win/win. We get a new client without having to pay for expensive ads. The agent gets a commission for helping the client to find us. The client saves thousands on the purchase of their dream home in Spain. It's unique to us, maybe you can take advantage too?
I hope here we have described some of the ways that we are different. The only way that you will know for sure that we are better is to get in touch with us today and start saving thousands.
SpanishHomes.online: We're different. We´re better.
Email us and start enjoying Spain today!

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