Looking for a mid-term investment?

Looking for a mid-term investment?

  • We have investment opportunities exclusive to us.
  • Double-digit returns
  • Asset-backed deals.
  • Buy now, retire to Spain in ten years!
  • Deals form as little as 25,000 euros.
  • Sale and leaseback, Annuity and Bare ownership deals; ask us for more information.

Spanish Solutions and JJC Capital partners are the most active Equity Release providers in Spain.

We are building portfolios for private and large-scale investors alike. Nobody has access to better opportunities than us. Remember that over 20 years and many different businesses, (property sales, property management, legal, tax, golden visa etc) we have tens of thousands of clients who continue to trust us.

We have discovered a formula to release capital to thousands of foreign property owners allowing them to supplement their pensions, pay off their debts, Brexit proof themselves and secure their futures in Spain.

We do this while simultaneously providing eyewatering returns for property investors in Spain.

The deals we offer to our sellers are truly life-changing. What about our investors? They too get something special. Our properties come with great benefits. Our deals are designed for buyers/investors wishing for financial security in the form of a Spanish home in the future. Clients can have an asset that can be used in retirement, for use as a holiday home or solely to receive a great financial return on their original investment.

Buy now, and have full access in a few years. Reap the rewards of a hugely discounted purchase price, additional income, and the option of purchasing in instalments.

How are we able to market these properties at exceptionally discounted prices?

JJC Capital Partners and Spanish Homes Online are Equity release specialists serving older generation homeowners in Spain who wish to release funds for their retirement. There are three ways of achieving this which are beneficial to both seller and buyer.

Bare ownership The current owner will sell the virtual ownership (or bare ownership) of their home to an investor in exchange for a lump sum equating to a percentage of the market value of the home. This means that they no longer own their home, officially. It is bought by an investor, such as yourselves, but the homeowners retain the right to live in it (the usufruct) for the remainder of their lives or for a predetermined period. The ownership is transferred on the title deeds at the notary.

Annuity The same process as Bare ownership more or less. Our annuity options offer the buyer the option to pay in monthly instalments for the property purchase as an alternative to paying a lump sum upfront. In return, this provides a monthly income for the seller, almost like a second pension.

Sale and leaseback. With this, the most popular of our investment vehicles in the Equity Release sector, the buyer pays a lump sum for the purchase and then receives a monthly income by way of rent from the seller. The homeowner never needs to move or downgrade but they effectively become the tenant. Rents paid are well below market value, but so too is the purchase price.

We are continuously researching and monitoring the markets and future forecasts and we select properties for our portfolio in areas that we believe will increase in value.

These desirable locations are primarily in or around city centres and coastal properties on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Our current market values are calculated realistically and based on what the property is likely to sell for in today's market as opposed to a marketing price.

These deals are real. As the only provider of the service in Spain, Spanish Homes online are perfectly placed to deliver on our promises; win/win deals for our property buyers and sellers.

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