New rules for estate agents in Spain.

Spanish homes Online finally may see their wish come through of a governing body which takes control of problems, sets standards etc concerning the real estate sector in Spain. How much better will life be for all the property buyers in Alicante, Costa Del Sol and across the country if we are all following the same rules? The primary job of the new governing body is to protect the rights, interests and wellbeing of all the members and clients on whose behalf the organisation is working. The organisation will do this by making sure the entire property sector in Spain runs smoothly and can achieve the goals and objectives it has promised to deliver to its members, collaborators and clients. We approached the town hall in Playa Flamenca in 2008 to see if they would help us to set up this set of rules, but nothing came of it then.

Now, in 2022, there is some change coming to the real estate sector in Spain.

Spain has a law called “Ley Onmibus” which liberalised pretty much all professions. Basically, this law was introduced by the Spanish Government, promoting capitalism for the good of everybody. In Spain, not any regional or local law can surpass this national law. However, Valencia decided to do registration for Real Estate Agents. We are not sure if they can do this, YET! To make it easier for professionals, they said that you have the option to be on this register or not. Being there only provides you with a stamp to show your clients that you are guaranteeing you are not an inexperienced real estate agent and you play cleanly.

How will it have an impact?

It depends on the clients. Some of them will not care about this… and maybe others will. If all relevant people have it, and there is no enforcement for people breaking the rules, it will lose its value soon.
Criteria include: You need to have a university degree or take a course of at least 200 hours.

An office opened to the public unless you provide this service online. Qualification required: Degree of Oficial de Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria, being registered as the official colleague, a degree in Social Science, Lega, Engineering or Architecture or a course of 200 hours related to real estate.
Insurance for the activity
You will have a stamp which informs you are on this register if your bid to become registered is successful.

I know the points of the decree are very vague, but at least the Valencia authorities finally look to clamp down on rogue agents.
The way to avoid problems is to deal with an estate agent who pays their taxes, has at least 100 testimonials for you to look at and can get references for you from other businesses; banks, lawyers, notaries etc.
If your agent cannot provide that, you should talk to Spanish Homes online!