Are you thinking of Selling your Spanish Property?

Spanish Homes Online has been selling property on the Costa Blanca for more than 20 years. Here are some tips we'd like to share with you which will make it easier for you to achieve the best price possible and sell your Spanish property as quickly as possible.

The longer your Spanish property stays on the market, the worse it is for you. Buyers will assume there is something “wrong” with your property if it is more than a few months on the market and ultimately the offers they make to you will reflect their nervousness. We think if you get it all right from the start, that makes more sense.

  • Are you sure you want to sell? People sometimes decide to sell, but not really! They like the idea of selling and speaking to a few agents. Nice thing an offer is on the table and suddenly the seller needs to make a plan; where am I going to move to? When do I need to move out? How much tax and commission do I pay? Will I miss the area and my friends too much? You can change your mind before signing but what a waste of your time! We advise our sellers to think about it, talk to us and then decide. Maybe you want to sell now and move out in five years? We can arrange it. Maybe you need a one-week sale for whatever you can get! Again, we can sort that out, once you are sure that you want to sell.
  • Get ready to sell it. If you are putting your property on the Spanish property market, especially with Spanish Homes Online, you need to assume your estate agent will sell it quickly. The market is booming in Spain now in 2022 and the pandemic is long behind us. Probably, but not for sure, we won't shift it for a few weeks but if we do sell your property for you, you need to have all the paperwork already prepared. Spanish Solutions help our clients, even if they are using another agent. The team in our La Zenia office will give you a list of all the paperwork you need and help you to get it. Have it ready as soon as you can. You need to be ready to move out, once we pick up the deposit and sign the contract. Do you have a plan for when we sell? Back to point no1, make sure you are ready. Let's say your buyer wants to move in this month but you've decided to take one last holiday here in Spain- this can cost you the deal. So, points number one and two combined suggest: Be ready to sell, mentally and from a practical point of view.
  • Price it right from the start. It is so tempting to price high and wait for the offers to come in. We are all guilty of this I suppose. We believe our Spanish property is the best one on the whole street. Our pool/beach/park view is better than our neighbours and our house will surely sell for more than any other. Well, no.
    Pricing your house too high will cost you money and time. One of the first questions a buyer will ask is how long your property has been on the market.
    If it's six months or more, get ready because they will make you an offer 20% below the asking price. We know this from experience. Also, it works!” If a property is listed for more than 6 months, the seller gets bored, starts to second guess themselves and takes away less than they would have accepted previously, had they priced it correctly. If you price it right, however, we'll sell your property within eight weeks at or around the asking price. Don't compare your house to the highest-priced one for sale in the area. Instead, compare it to the last one or two which were actually sold. Ask the neighbours, and ask your friendly estate agent.
  • Clean, declutter, depersonalise.It sometimes appears that Spanish property owners will rather take a five thousand euro hit on the price rather than pay a cleaner 50 euro to tidy the house. Really! Buyers, especially Scandinavian, Belgian and French want your home to be spotless like an operating theatre. Irish buyers look for a distressed sale so if your house is untidy, they will make you a low ball offer. You may love your collection of teddy bears / Yankee candles or teapots, but your buyer may not. Why not box them up and provide some empty space for your buyer instead?Too many personal pictures are not a good idea either. You don't want the buyers to feel like they are snooping around your house, we want them to feel that they are looking around their soon-to-be Spanish home! A decluttered home is the dream for our salespeople.
  • Make the property easy to show. Once you pick a good agent, established in the area for many years like ourselves,(yes, Spanish Homes Online!!) then truly put your faith in us. If you are trusting us with the paperwork concerning the sale of your property here on the Costa Blanca, then trust us with the keys too!! Leave a full set or two in our office. Do you prefer to leave them with our lawyers? We are fine with that, and if you have other agents involved that is a good idea. Some lawyers will not do this, of course, Spanish Solutions will. Either use us or the lawyers will mind your keys and we don't need to go chasing you every time we have a viewing. Giving us written permission on who we can sahre the keys with is a good idea too. Keyholders are often the fly on the ointment when it comes to us showing your house. We have a huge number of "walk-in" clients in La Zenia and San Miguel. These are clients who are perhaps out on viewing trips with other agents and maybe have an hour or two to see your property, without any prior notice or appointment in place.If your keys are with the keyholder, no matter how many times he promised he would be available to show your house, the one time we need him, he won't be there. By the time we get the keys, your buyer will have moved onto a house that they can actually view! Make it easy for us to get into your house, please!
  • Get your property on all the major portals.These days, 85% of Spanish property buyers find the house they wish to buy online and generally on one of the major property portals like Daft. ie, and Think Spain.It's very important that your property appears on these portals. You absolutely want maximum exposure for your Spanish home if you hope to sell it quickly. Top Spanish agents like Spanish Homes Online will get your property on all the big portals for absolutely no charge. Make sure your agent is advertising your home. Also, why not do some promotion yourself? You can post the link to the property on Facebook and Linkedin. If the lead comes to you directly on your Facebook account, we advise you to pass it quickly to us. We know how to sell and we know the signs that tell us if someone is serious or not. Did you know that 90% of private deals in Spain are never completed?
  • Help your agent to sell your Spanish property. I know it's our job to sell your property, not yours, but still, you can really help us out. Why not write us a description that we can include on one of our blogs? Why not take another few photos so we can post on social media, again increasing your exposure. Does your neighbour have a drone? Ask him to record a short video. Think how good it will look on Facebook if you show us photos of last year's summer holidays in Cabo Roig for example. Remember the guy who is thinking of buying your property does not just want a house in Spain. They want to live the Spanish dream. You can help paint them a mental picture of what their new life in Spain will be like.
  • Make upgrades, within reason. You don't have to go mad, but if your apartment in Spain was or is a renter, probably it can use a paint job; maybe the garden needs to be cut back; perhaps you can repair that leak in the conservatory?You do not have to spend too much money. Spanish Homes Online have a number of builders and handymen we use to help our sellers upgrade so maybe think about spending a few euros, just so that when we do take a buyer into your apartment, it's looking its very best. Throws for the beds and the sofa, fixing the crawling door and replacing the broken window, it all helps. This may not add value but at least when it comes to offer time, it means the buyer has fewer (legitimate) reasons to hammer us down on the price.
  • AND 10! Find the right agent, Find the right legal team. You knew this was going to be one of the tips for selling your Spanish property quickly, didn't you? Needless to say, we rank ourselves as the very best estate agent on the Spanish Costa Blanca for selling your property.We take care of the paperwork. We have sellers contacting us every day looking to buy your property and we have a couple of thousand already satisfied buyers and sellers. We don't know of any other agent in Spain who can say that.Spanish Solutions, our sister company since 2005, is our prefered legal and taxation partner. They get deals over the line. I've read lots of times that buyers "should not trust a solicitor recommended by the estate agent". This is generally nonsense. If you trust the agent, trust the lawyer they recommend. Perhaps some agents cannot be trusted. We stake our reputation on Pedro Molino, Barrister and the other members of Spanish Solutions to honour their legally binding duty of care. They will only do what is right for their clients. You can find their website here,

So there you have it, Tens tips to help you sell your property in Spain.

If you'd like to arrange a sit-down and get a free valuation from Spanish Homes Online, we'd be very delighted to do it for you. We visit you so you don't even need to leave the comfort of your (soon-to-be sold) Spanish Property.

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